Dogs are extremely social animals and they generally love welcome visitors who may plan on stopping by your home. However, there are still some useful techniques to employ in order to ensure that no surprises occur along the way. What does the team at London K-9 Training recommend?

Practicing Commands Before Arrival

It is always wise to reinforce obedient behaviour prior to the arrival of your guests. Focus upon basic commands such as sit, stay and lie down. Reward the dog when it properly obeys.

Leashing Your Dog

Placing a leash on your dog when a guest arrives will serve as a passive reminder that it still needs to obey commands. Leashes can also allow you to pull the dog back if it happens to become overly excited.

Outside Greetings

In the event that your dog is extremely territorial, it is best to greet the guest outside (in a neutral area). This will provide time for the dog to become acclimated to his or her presence before moving into the home (1).

Formal Introductions

Allow your dog to greet a guest by sniffing. Present the hand of the guest to your dog, as this will signal trust. This will also allow your scent to rub off on the guest. The chances are high that the dog will soon become friendly and happy that your friend has arrived.

This is only a brief overview of some effective suggestions. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our targeted training modules.