While modern alarm systems have come a long way in recent times, a dog trained to protect your home is still one of the most effective means to ensure a safe and secure environment. Not only are dogs excellent deterrents, but they can be trained to perform a host of useful commands. What are some professional tips and tricks to keep in mind if you hope to transform your loyal pet into a guard dog?

Reinforce Basic Obedience Skills

Any type of home protection training should always begin by teaching your dog basic commands such as sitting, heeling and barking (1). These are the foundations from which more complex behaviours can thereafter be created.

Property Boundaries

One interesting portion of home protection training involves the boundaries of the property in question. Dogs need to be aware of their own “domain”, as this is the best way for them to begin appreciating what they are supposed to protect.

“Alone” Training

Of course, dogs will be the most useful when the owners are away from home. This is why a portion of the training should involve leaving the dog alone in order to see how it behaves when you are not around. If you notice any inappropriate behaviours, these can be corrected before they become stubborn habits.

Work With the Experts

London K-9 Training specialises in teaching dogs how to protect your home. We offer different residential training packages depending upon what you are trying to achieve. If you wish to safeguard your property at all times, please take a few minutes to contact one of our representatives. We can explain the process in greater detail so that you will be able to make an informed decision.


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