Protection Dog Training & Classes

Protection Dog Training & Classes


London K9 Training offer the highest level of protection dog training. Combined with our obedience training routine, outstanding levels of personal and or family protection can be achieved. Our training is design with the happiness and wellbeing of your loved animal in mind, this will ensure that a healthy bond will be created between owner and pet, deeming the training most effective and long lasting.

You and your dog will learn the following :

• attack on command
• out on command
• watch on command (switch on and off)
• Grip Work (Sleeve, Cover Sleeve & full suit)
• Building Confidence

You will gain the skills and knowledge for safe dog handling. Training will take place in urban and built up areas including busy public roads to ensure that your pet can maintain a high concentration level whist in a distractive and disruptive environment, creating the ability to understand and carry out demands in the day to day world.

You may attend weekly sessions or if you can not find the time why not take advantage of our residential training package. If you would like to discuss your path why not give us a call, we will be happy to help.