A growing number of individuals are choosing to train their dogs for personal protection concerns. Whether intended to safeguard a family or to address the needs of a business, canines are truly astounding in terms of what they are capable of accomplishing. Still, the training sessions themselves can be quite challenging. Let’s take a look at a handful of suggestions before moving on to highlight why so many customers have chosen to partner with the team at London K-9 Training.

Basic Considerations to Keep in Mind

Perhaps the first step is to develop a personal rapport with the animal. This type of bond will help it to better learn the commands as they are taught. Furthermore, many experts recommend a certain amount of socialisation during the training process (1). Socialised dogs are more capable of adapting to new and unique situations.

What Commands are Often Employed?

Dogs are incredibly intelligent and they are able to understand various commands (depending upon the scenario in question). Here are some common examples of actions which they can perform when directed:

  • To attack
  • To watch
  • To “out” (to leave a certain area)
  • Grip work

These commands can also give your dog more confidence over time; allowing it to learn additional actions in the future.

Why Work with London K-9 Training?

As we can see, training a dog for personal protection requires time, patience and experience. If you would like to learn more about how London K-9 can help or to book a free session, please contact one of our team members at your convenience. You will be quite surprised with what we are able to accomplish!


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