Training a dog can be challenging on occasion; especially if you have little experience. However, one method known as positive reinforcement can work wonders. This technique involves providing a pleasant stimulus (such as a treat) after a dog has performed a specific behaviour. However, some methods work better than others. Let us take a quick look at three highly effective strategies which have been recommended by the professionals.

1. Food Treats

As dogs respond positive to foods, they will quickly learn that obeying a specific command is associated with a reward. Experimenting is wise to determine which foods are the most appealing. Provide a small amount each time and vary the options so that your dog does not become bored with a single choice.

2. Playing Games

The Humane Society also notes that playing with your dog is an excellent way to reinforce desired behaviours (1). In the event that he or she listens to a specific command, you can set aside a bit of playtime to illustrate that their hard work is appreciated.

3. Toys

Every dog has his or her favourite toy. So, it only stands to reason that another effective positive reinforcement technique involves providing access to this item when a command is obeyed. However, it is best to use a specific toy only for training. Others can be left openly accessible at all times.

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