• How Personal Requirements Should be Taken Into Account when Choosing a Dog Breed
    According to the latest statistics, there are no fewer than 339 different breeds of dogs across the world (1). Each of these is associated with its own physical needs, temperament and personality. This is why it can sometimes be difficult to know which breed is the most appropriate. How will your personal requirements play a […]
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    None of us enjoy feeling hot and uncomfortable. However, we can simply turn on the air conditioning or move to a cooler environment. Dogs also suffer from the heat and unfortunately, they are not often able to express how hot they have become until they start exhibiting severe symptoms. These include hyperventilation (excessive panting) dry […]
  • Nutrition Tips for Adult Dogs to Compliment Their Training
    Any dog will benefit from a targeted training regimen. Not only is this an effective way to reinforce positive behaviours, but you can remain confident that your pet will obey commands at any given time. Although many articles focus upon the type of training that should be performed, relatively few touch upon the subject of […]
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    While modern alarm systems have come a long way in recent times, a dog trained to protect your home is still one of the most effective means to ensure a safe and secure environment. Not only are dogs excellent deterrents, but they can be trained to perform a host of useful commands. What are some […]
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    Everyone loves to be rewarded for a job well done and canines are certainly no different. This is an excellent way to build an emotional rapport with your animal while reinforcing positive behaviours. Therefore, rewards are a critical portion of any successful training regimen. How should these rewards be presented and when should they be […]
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    Is your dog difficult to control or does it seem unwilling to obey even the most basic commands? If so, professional training could be required. Let us take a look at five signals that an expert may be the best option. Food-Related Aggression If a dog becomes extremely aggressive when presented with food, this could […]