• Professional Tips When Training Personal Protection Dogs
    A growing number of individuals are choosing to train their dogs for personal protection concerns. Whether intended to safeguard a family or to address the needs of a business, canines are truly astounding in terms of what they are capable of accomplishing. Still, the training sessions themselves can be quite challenging. Let’s take a look […]
  • At What Age Should You Begin Training Your Dog?
    As the expression goes, old habits die hard. This is the very same reason why training your dog at a relatively young age is one of the best ways to avoid future issues as it grows into adulthood. However, is there any specific age when you should begin? While the answer to this question will […]
  • 5 Signals that Your Dog May Benefit from Professional Training
    Is your dog difficult to control or does it seem unwilling to obey even the most basic commands? If so, professional training could be required. Let us take a look at five signals that an expert may be the best option. Food-Related Aggression If a dog becomes extremely aggressive when presented with food, this could […]
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    How would you rate the obedience of your dog on a level of between one and ten? If you are like many owners, the chances are that you will answer somewhere in between. On the other hand, some dogs seem to be nearly impossible to train. The good news is that the team at London […]
  • The Long-Term Benefits of Residential Dog Training
    Does your canine seem virtually impossible to train? This is not an uncommon scenario and while some owners simply give up all hope, it is important to mention that the long-term benefits of residential dog training cannot be denied. Let us therefore highlight some of the advantages that you can expect to enjoy as well […]