• How to train a dog for protection – your basic first steps
    A guard dog is essentially trained to protect you, your family and your home. Every dog is different and has different personalities and reactions towards strangers which is why it’s important they have proper training to ensure they are good protection dogs and learn how to stand guard. Generally, a good guard dog should be […]
  • Food Poisoning: What NOT to Feed Your Dog
    Most dogs tend to be voracious eaters. They will consume nearly anything if it is presented to them as food. Unfortunately, this can lead to serious problems on occasion; particularly if you are not fully aware of what substances are dangerous to canines. Let us take a look at a handful of foods that you […]
  • Positive Reinforcement: Three of the Best Techniques
    Training a dog can be challenging on occasion; especially if you have little experience. However, one method known as positive reinforcement can work wonders. This technique involves providing a pleasant stimulus (such as a treat) after a dog has performed a specific behaviour. However, some methods work better than others. Let us take a quick […]
  • The Top Five Commands to Teach Your Dog…and Why They Should be Taught
    Training a dog at an early age is the best way to ensure that he or she remains obedient well into the future. The team at London K-9 Training has therefore created a concise list of five essential commands as well as their unique benefits. Sit Teaching a dog to sit is one of the […]
  • What to do With Your Dog When a Familiar Visitor Arrives
    Dogs are extremely social animals and they generally love welcome visitors who may plan on stopping by your home. However, there are still some useful techniques to employ in order to ensure that no surprises occur along the way. What does the team at London K-9 Training recommend? Practicing Commands Before Arrival It is always […]
  • Encouraging Your Dog to Properly Socialise
    Every dog possesses his or her unique personality traits. This naturally signifies that some canines are more sociable than others. What are some sure-fire techniques to employ if you hope to encourage your furry friend to properly socialise with humans as well a other animals? Let us quickly examine some effective approaches. Take Regular Walks […]
  • Three Expert Tips to Help Recover a Lost Dog
    As dogs are family members in a very real sense, losing a pet can be a traumatic experience for everyone involved (including the animal). However, always remember that not all hope is lost. Our team has compiled three professional tips to adopt in the event that your furry friend seems to have gone astray. Without […]
  • Dog Walking Techniques: Effective Training While Out and About
    Dogs require plenty of exercise in order to remain fit and walking is by far one of the most effective activities. However, this is also an excellent time to reinforce positive behaviours through the use of on-the-spot training. What are some useful techniques to embrace and what benefits can each provide? Let’s see what the […]
  • Travelling with Your Dog: Preparing for a Road Trip
    Are you planning a holiday or road trip in the near future? Do you want to bring your furry friend along without having to worry about behavioural issues? If so, the information found below will come in handy. Let’s examine what training techniques you should embrace to ensure that your next outing will not present […]
  • Does Your Dog Panic if You Leave the Room? Some Words of Advice
    Some dogs are prone to separation anxiety. This may even occur if you perform simple actions such as leaving the room. Are there any ways in which you can address this behaviour so that it does not evolve into a habit? Let us examine what the experts at London K-9 Training have to say. The […]