Any dog will benefit from a targeted training regimen. Not only is this an effective way to reinforce positive behaviours, but you can remain confident that your pet will obey commands at any given time. Although many articles focus upon the type of training that should be performed, relatively few touch upon the subject of nutrition. The types of nutrients consumed by a dog can actually have a beneficial effect upon how it responds to training, so this notion should be examined in detail.

The Importance of Hydration

Up to 70 per cent of the weight of an adult dog is comprised of water (1). Therefore, one of the most important takeaway points is to ensure that your pet remains adequately hydrated during any training session. If your pet does not drink enough water, it will quickly lose its focus. This is even more relevant if it is performing physical tasks.

What About Treats?

Some owners choose to reward their dogs with human foods such as meat or cheeses. However, it is better for the animal to associate rewards with dog treats or the food that it normally consumes. Not only will it be receiving the nutrients that it requires, but this is an excellent strategy if your pet is adjusting to a new diet.

The Team at London K-9 Training

London K-9 Training is well aware of the role that nutrition plays when training a dog. This is why we have developed a host of bespoke programmes in order to address the needs of our customers. If you hope to have a more obedient dog while ensuring its health at all times, please take a few minutes to speak with a team member.