A guard dog is essentially trained to protect you, your family and your home. Every dog is different and has different personalities and reactions towards strangers which is why it’s important they have proper training to ensure they are good protection dogs and learn how to stand guard. Generally, a good guard dog should be territorial and protective of his owner and his owner’s property, yet remain obedient to his owner’s commands.

Training a guard dog can take time and patience; our professional trainers at London K9 Training can help you build the healthy strong bond needed with your dog to deem this training most effective. We have strong knowledge and experience in safe dog handling with the wellbeing of you and your beloved pet in mind.Below are some of the useful techniques in which London K9 training can help to train your dog.

Teaching obedience

One of the first skills all dogs should be taught is basic obedience, dogs must respond to all basic obedience commands especially if you are thinking about training them to be a protection dog. They should sit, lie down, and come to you 100% of the time when called and should learn to ‘drop’ when commanded. These are skills that can be taught with positive reinforcement.

Impulse control

Once your dog has learnt these basic obedience skills you should begin training your dog impulse control. Just because your dog is your protection dog does not mean he should be wary of all strangers, so teaching your dog proper socialization and control around strangers is very important. A well-socialized guard dog will be able to recognize and be wary of a stranger in his owner’s presence, but will not attack or become overly aggressive towards that stranger.

Teaching boundaries

It is important for your dog to understand what and who they are protecting. Teaching your dog the boundaries of his territory is important for his training and as well as ensuring that when you command they listen and back off.

Bark on command

Teaching your dog to bark on command is very important for a protection dog. Your dog must be alert to any stranger but especially to strangers coming onto your property. Some dogs bark naturally and others need some training which is where a trigger word can come in useful. While you want your dog to bark on command, they also need to learn when to be quiet on command too.

While any dog can technically be trained to be a protection dog, there are few things to keep in mind about selecting a dog breed and what is right for your needs. Our professional team at London K9 Training specialises in reinforcing positive canine behaviour and we have developed bespoke strategies in order to accommodate even the most challenging of situations and dogs. You can contact us to book a consultation with our professionals to discuss how we can help you further with any concerns you may have.

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