According to the latest statistics, there are no fewer than 339 different breeds of dogs across the world (1). Each of these is associated with its own physical needs, temperament and personality. This is why it can sometimes be difficult to know which breed is the most appropriate. How will your personal requirements play a role and what factors should you take into account when making the final decision? Let us examine some key metrics.

Inherent Behaviour

Different breeds are associated with their own unique behavioural traits. For example, Labrador retrievers tend to be excellent around children while terriers lead an energetic lifestyle. Be certain that the behaviour of the animal is congruent with your personality, as it may otherwise be difficult to train.

Physical Considerations

How large is the breed and how much space will it require? What type of food will it eat and is daily exercise recommended? These practical considerations are also critical, as your personal lifestyle might make it difficult to accommodate the requirements of your pet.


How much will it cost to ensure that your pet leads a long and happy life? Some dogs are obviously more expensive than others and it is important to determine the long-term price of a specific breed (2). As this can be a bit confusing if you are purchasing a dog for the first time, it is normally wise to speak with the breeder in question or to consult with a veterinarian.

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