Every dog possesses his or her unique personality traits. This naturally signifies that some canines are more sociable than others. What are some sure-fire techniques to employ if you hope to encourage your furry friend to properly socialise with humans as well a other animals? Let us quickly examine some effective approaches.

Take Regular Walks

It can be argued that taking regular walks with your dog is the best way to enable it to become familiar (and comfortable) with the outside world. This is even more relevant if you happen to live in a big city or a crowded town. Try to take at least five walks each week with your pet.

Introduce a Variety of People

Dogs should become comfortable with different types of people. Therefore, make it a point to introduce men women of all ages as well as children. The theory behind this practice is that dogs who remain around a single person will not be able to readily adapt to the presence of unfamiliar faces. In other words, a bit of variety can go a long way.

Begin at an Early Age

Experts state that socialisation training should begin when a puppy is between three and 12 weeks old (1). Their minds tend to be more malleable and therefore, they will often be ready to experience new things.

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