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    Do you find the concept of dog training slightly complicated? If so, you are certainly not alone. Being able to understand the nuances of dog behaviour is no easy task and those who are already grappling with other life concerns may not possess the free time that is necessary to devote to such a project. This is when the team of professionals at London K9 Training are here to help. Let us take a look at our three main service packages as well as how we can be contacted in order to begin the training at your convenience.

    Our Residential Dog Training Options at a Glance

    Customers can choose from three types of programmes:

    • Brief
    • Standard
    • Advanced

    While each of these puppy training courses will involve a host of targeted solutions, one of the main differences involves the length of time that each will last. As the title suggests, brief training bundles will provide two weeks of classes. Normal programmes last for a total duration of one month. Advanced classes will take place for two months; ideal for stubborn pets as well as if you are interested in a dog that is able to offer personal protection.

    Providing Real-World Training Scenarios

    Whether referring to basic behavioural approaches or targeted dog protection training, being able to mimic rea-life situations is critical for both the dog and the owner. This is why our team has made it a point to create realistic scenarios in order to better appreciate how your animal behaves as well as to acclimate it to sudden challenges that may occur while you are out and about.

    Another advantage of this approach is that such training will force the dog to develop higher levels of concentration. Not only is this beneficial in terms of general obedience, but it also signifies that the owner will have a greater degree of control.

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    We service London, Kent, Essex and the surrounding areas. If you have additional questions or should you wish to schedule a course, please contact us as soon as possible.

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    We believe in fostering life long bonds between dogs and their owners.  We take pride in the delivery of professional residential and non-residential training for your dog or puppy. We provide training for obedience, protection and more.

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