As the expression goes, old habits die hard. This is the very same reason why training your dog at a relatively young age is one of the best ways to avoid future issues as it grows into adulthood. However, is there any specific age when you should begin? While the answer to this question will partially depend upon the temperament of the animal, there are still some worthwhile recommendations to highlight.

Initial Stages

We should first keep in mind that puppies have a short attention span, as their minds are still developing. You can nonetheless begin teaching your dog simple commands such as “down”, “stay”, and “sit” when they are as young as six or seven weeks old (1). This is also an excellent time to teach them where to go to the bathroom.

More Complex Commands

In terms of more formal training, the majority of professionals believe that this can begin when the dog has reached six months of age. While it is still learning about the world, the average canine has the capacity to understand more complex commands. This is also wise in order to limit any bad habits that may have been developing along the way.

Leveraging the Expertise of a Professional Dog Trainer

Some puppies are easier to train than others. Do you feel as if you are dealing with a particularly stubborn animal or are you simply unsure where to begin? These are two of the reasons why a growing number of dog owners are working with the cadre of experts at London K-9 Training. Please give us a call to schedule an appointment. We will then be able to explain our approach in greater detail.