Our Mission

Have you been less than satisfied with generic dog training courses? Does your dog seem to ignore your commands? Have you purchased a pet with the intention of it providing a level of protection? These are some of the many reasons why a growing number of customers are choosing to work with the cadre of professionals at London K9 Training. Let us take a closer look at what you can expect as well as why our dog behaviour specialists are indeed a cut above the rest.

Our dog training services at a glance

We have developed a three-tiered method to offer targeted dog and puppy training solutions. Customers can therefore choose from the packages below:

  • Residential training
  • Obedience and behaviour
  • Training classes focusing around protection

The reason why we have developed these flexible approaches is to enable our team to offer bespoke solutions based around the needs of the client and animal in question. This is also an excellent strategy when dealing with stubborn dogs that might seem nearly impossible to train. Whether you are interested in short-term packages (such as programmes lasting two weeks) or more in-depth solutions are in order (up to two months of hands-on instruction), there is no doubt that you will find what you have been looking for.

Professionalism and reliability

Whether referring to a future security dog, protection dogs or simply an animal that will not heel when out and about, we have developed bespoke strategies in order to accommodate even the most challenging of situations. Furthermore, our training takes place within real-world situations and we offer handover lessons to the owner (this helps to establish a greater degree of confidence).

London K9 Training is pleased to supply an increasing number of clients within Kent, Essex and the surrounding areas with the services outlined above. Are you curious to learn more about what sets us apart from our competitors? Would you like to hear about our previous success stories? If so, please take a moment to contact one of our experts at your earliest possible convenience.



Activity based on real life scenarios

...so your dog can be ready for a range of situations

1-2-1 delivery

When we're working with your dog, it's only your dog

Expert training

We have been working in this specialism for many years

Long-lasting success

...with advice on techniques for maintaining progress

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