Is your dog difficult to control or does it seem unwilling to obey even the most basic commands? If so, professional training could be required. Let us take a look at five signals that an expert may be the best option.

Food-Related Aggression

If a dog becomes extremely aggressive when presented with food, this could be a territorial issue. In such instances, training is often the best way forward.

Previous Traumatic Scenarios

Certain dogs may have been housed within rescue shelters while others came from previously abusive environments (1). In both of these scenarios, it is crucial to build a sense of trust and mutual rapport with professional help.

Unfriendly Towards Strangers

Does your dog act aggressively towards strangers or unfamiliar people? In such a situation, help may be required in order to avoid any unintentional accidents (such as barking, chasing or even biting).

Excessive Barking

Some dogs seem to incessantly bark for no apparent reason. While this may partially involve the breed as well as where the animal is located, it can also be a signal that your pet is suffering from behavioural issues. Our team can help.

Separation Anxiety

Dogs which have been separated from family members or even other pets can exhibit unruly, strange and sometimes aggressive mindsets. This is known as separation anxiety. One of the best ways to address such an issue is to consult with an expert.

Do you feel that your pet is partially defined by one or more of the scenarios highlighted above? If so, please make it a point to contact one of the team members at London K-9 Dog Training. We will be happy to explain your options as well as how we can help.