Do you want a dog able to protect you and your family? - Does your dog have behaviour problems?
Does your dog pulls on the leash? - Do you have an aggressive dog?



Dog training & Puppy Training 


In London K9 Training we can help you find solutions and make your life and your dogs easier in positive and fair for the dog way.
Drawing from our extensive wealth of knowledge in cainine behaviour, psychology and dog handling techniques you can learn to take the lead back today, in a fun, friendly and positive manner.

We are experts in bespoke obedience, companion dog training , family protection training and personal protection training

Our goal is for every dog to know what it’s like to have the freedom of being a dog. We want every owner to experience the confidence, joy and pride of having a dog that is reliable and consistently well behaved under any level of distraction and to make the perfect pet family/ family protection dog for you and your family

Take your time to have a look through the packages that we offer




Residential training

2 weeks training for the dog

One month training for the dog

All of our training is based in Real Life scenarios
and everywhere, so your dog can be ready anytime in any place

2 months Training for the dog


Learning the Box - Lilith 28 German Shepherd


We teach you and your dog the skills you both need to understand each other and have a happy life together.

2 privates per week including obedience and protection or just one finding solutions for your pets problems

3 privates per week including obedience and protection or just the one